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Chris Rock is a Cyber Mercenary who has worked in the Middle East, US and Asia for the last 30 years working for both government and private organizations. ˇHe is the Chief Information Security Officer and co-founder of SIEMonster.

Chris has presented three times at the largest hacking conference in the world, DEFCON in Las Vegas on controversial vulnerabilities including;

How hackers could create fake people and kill them using vulnerabilities in the Birth and Death Registration systems around the world.

How cyber mercenaries can overthrow a government working with coup mercenary Simon Mann.

How cyber mercenaries can bypass modern day Jammers using the earth as an antenna to trigger and IED at 2kHz

Chris is also the author of the Baby Harvest, a book based on criminals and terrorists using virtual babies and fake deaths for financing. He has also been invited to speak at TED global.



I I will kill you. Chris presented at DEFCON 23 in Las Vegas


How to Overthrow a government at DEFCON 24 in Las Vegas


Killer Hertz “Terrorists Win” at DEFCON 30 in Las Vegas


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        The Baby Harvest Book

        Author of The Baby Harvest:

        How virtual babies became the future of terrorist financing and money laundering

        I investigated the birth and death registration systems around the world and discover disturbing vulnerabilities. The government’s mandate is to increase accurate birth and death registration using online registration. They are reducing identify theft by strengthening the security around the birth certificate like holograms and making it more difficult for criminals to obtain. In by doing so, they are making an unforeseen error. They have created the conditions where the Virtual is born. A criminal that only exists on paper, a shield to protect the criminal behind them.

        “The baby harvest” is the concept of a criminal syndicate: making and raising virtual babies to adulthood to be put on the shelf for money laundering, fraud and drug and firearm importation. The babies once reaching adulthood now Virtual’s will obtain finance, enter the stock market, obtain large life insurance policies, and eventually be harvested, (‘killed off’) at investment maturity.

        Conductive Current Earth Mode Communications

        Conductive Current Earth Mode Communications.

        Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) account for over 70% of modern battlefield casualties. (URSANO 2018) Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) departments within the military spend billions of dollars annually developing solutions to counter the IED threat and other adversary systems like radar and anti-missile technology. Jammers are one example of ECM against IEDs.

        Terrorists detonate RC-IEDs using cell phones and other radio frequency devices like garage door openers, children’s toys, and doorbells to initiate the IED from a safe distance. To combat the growing threat of wirelessly detonated explosives jammers, military jam these frequency jamming ranges from 0.1 MHz to 6,500 MHz preventing the IED from receiving the RC signal to detonate.

        Using a custom-built VLF/ULF transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx), we will look at using the earth’s crust as a conductive current as an antenna. The Tx/Rx uses advanced modulation techniques in Near-Field, H instead of Far-Field E and communicate through the ground securely from 1-11km away in the sub 9 kHz range. Using this technology, we will trigger an RC-IED device in a jammed environment to detonate the IED at a distance.


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